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(Answers are listed below by number.)

1. How many of each kind of animal did Moses take on the Ark?

2. How many months have 28 days?

3. Is it legal for a man to marry his widow’s sister?

4. How many apples would you have if you took two apples from three apples?

5. If Mama Bull, Papa Bull and Baby Bull are in the pasture, and Baby Bull gets scared, who would he run to?

6. A dog had three puppies named Mopsy, Topsy and Spot.  What was the mother’s name?

7. A young lady looked at a picture and said, “This person’s mother was my mother’s mother-in-law.”  Who was in the picture?

8. Twenty one birds are nesting in a tree. If a man shot into the tree and killed one seventh of them, how many would remain?

9. A boy and a girl are born on the same day of the same year with the same parents, yet are not twins. How is this possible?

From Brain Bafflers by Robert Steinwachs


Comsense Dude has the answers: (They are not in order because; he knows it’s too easy to cheat when they are!)

7. Her father.

4. Two apples, of course.

8. None.  They would all fly away.

1. Moses?  Noah was the captain of the Ark.

3. No, he would be dead!

9. Two out of a set of triplets.

5. Whoever heard of a Mama Bull?

2. All of them.

6. “What”.