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Biz of Life Logo TestIn this episode of “The Business of Life”, Ann-Marie Hagenbuch discusses the importance of relationships and how to develop them.

How Asking ‘Why’ 5 Times Can Change Your Life

I use this technique LOTS, with clients and with students.  It works!  This is a great article by Michelle MacDonald.

Why - photo credit BuzzFarmers Flickr

image credit: BuzzFarmers/Flickr


CONTRIBUTOR, Founder & CEO, Sweet Note Bagels

Did you ever have a problem that you immediately fixed and somehow more problems just keep arising? You start to say things like, “I guess I’m just having a bad day” or, “I can’t catch a break,” or even worse — you give up.

17 Principles of Personal Achievement

Richard Duszczak is a cartoonist whose blog I follow.  Watch this great whiteboard video about Napoleon Hill’s 17 Principles  of Personal Achievement.  It’s great!