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Biz of Life Logo TestIn this episode of “The Business of Life”, Ann-Marie Hagenbuch discusses the importance of relationships and how to develop them.

Please, Bring Back Common Sense

upset-534103_1920-300x225This article is so true.  It is written by Dr. Linda Mintle, a national news consultant, a licensed marriage and family therapist and licensed clinical social worker.  And now, the article…

Americans are losing their common sense. We are becoming offended by almost anything. Here is the latest thing that simply defies reality.

How Asking ‘Why’ 5 Times Can Change Your Life

I use this technique LOTS, with clients and with students.  It works!  This is a great article by Michelle MacDonald.

Why - photo credit BuzzFarmers Flickr

image credit: BuzzFarmers/Flickr


CONTRIBUTOR, Founder & CEO, Sweet Note Bagels

Did you ever have a problem that you immediately fixed and somehow more problems just keep arising? You start to say things like, “I guess I’m just having a bad day” or, “I can’t catch a break,” or even worse — you give up.