About Us


Hi!  My name is Doug Johnson

and I am the Chief Facilitator and Trainer at Common Sense University.  

A varied background, and real world life experiences, focusing on “stamping out the stupid people syndrome” in business, has enabled me to help a variety of concerns improve their bottom lines. Beginning with the world of human resources (eventually Vice President of Human Resources for a regional bank), to founding my own business, my experiences have broadened to enable me to assist a business in all areas, using a “second pair of eyes” philosophy.

My management facilitation and training business has helped a variety of companies become more successful.  Among those companies have been an architectural firm, residential and commercial builder, rubber molding company, coffee roaster, heat treating company, a tool designing and engineering firm, single site and chain of restaurants, retail market, non-profit organization and veterinary clinic.

In addition to facilitation and training, I have authored three books.  The first, The Fast and Easy Personnel Primer, is currently out of print.  The second, And You Thought YOU Had a Rough Day, is available in our university bookstore, as is my third book, Become a SuperHero Manager: The Common Sense 9 Step Guide.

Hi!  My Name is Denise Reynolds

and I am the Chief Knowledge Person and Creative Scriptwriter at

Common Sense University. 

Denise is also president of Outside the Lines Creative Group.   She has the ability to blend her unique and fun sense of humor with a succinct writing style that makes boring stuff come to life.  Her ideas on how to teach management by comic strip will engage our students with humor and creativity making our courses easy, fun and fast.  Our students will be successful learning management skills, not because they have to, but because they want to.

Can you guess which is Denise and which is Jenny?

Can you guess which is Denise and which is Jenny?

Hi!  My Name is Jenny Campbell

and I am the Artistic Guru and Resident Wit at Common Sense University. 

Cartoonist Jenny Campbell is the exceptional artistic talent and amazing wit behind the nationally-syndicated comic strip “Flo and Friends™”.  She is a children’s book illustrator, having 12 children’s books to her credit.  Jenny also works with Outside the Lines Creative Group, turning boring corporate communications into action packed, fun-filled communications that are actually read!